An organization is all about the people who are a part of it. For Tugboat Institute, it’s the Evergreen CEO or President: experienced leaders with the vision, creativity, resourcefulness, patience, and grit to build and scale a market leading, impactful business that can stay private indefinitely. Entrepreneurs and leaders who understand that building a great business takes time and means treating employees fairly, serving customers well, reinventing oneself and one’s business, and sharing in the success. These are the heroes we are dedicated to serving.

Our goal is to be an unrivaled resource for Evergreen CEOs and Presidents. Above all else, Tugboat Institute is a platform for members to help each other — with advice, expertise, guidance, and support.

Membership Criteria

Applicants must meet these criterias:

CEO or President: CEO or President of an Evergreen company with a significant ownership stake.

EVERGREEN: Has evaluated alternatives and made a conscious decision to take the Evergreen path (vs. the venture path or IPO path) and is committed to the Evergreen 7Ps.

EXPERIENCED: CEO or President of current company for 5 years or has prior CEO or President experience.

CAPITAL: Has been bootstrapped, raised equity from friends and family, or secured debt financing. If equity has been raised, it’s important that the equity owners are oriented to participating in the ongoing profits of the private business, and do not have a legal right to compel a sale or IPO of the company.

FINANCIALS: At least $5M in forward revenue; cash flow positive for 2 years; consistent growth. (There are also a limited number of slots for entrepreneurs building companies that don’t currently meet these financial criteria but who are extremely promising.)