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Going Evergreen Doesn’t Mean Going Alone

Tugboat Institute® is a unique CEO membership organization of leaders who choose to lead private, purpose-driven companies without the intention of an exit. Through our annual events, small group forums, and original Evergreen® content, we provide an unparalleled resource and CEO network to learn from others and share insights.

Our 175+ members run companies generating revenues between $5 million and $8 billion. The membership spans nearly 20 major industries and over 30 U.S. states, as well as Australia, Canada, Chile, and Mexico. Thirty-five percent of our members lead multi-generational businesses, with the oldest Evergreen business predating U.S. independence.

Leadership Network: Tugboat Institute helps CEOs, Presidents , or Executive Chairpersons of Evergreen companies build strong and productive bonds with value-aligned peers and thought leaders.

Experiences: Tugboat Institute creates in-person and virtual gatherings dedicated to the unique issues and interests of world-class Evergreen leaders. Through our Tugboat Institute Summit event, held each summer in Sun Valley, Idaho, the Fall Exemplar Visit held at an Evergreen business each fall, Tugboat Forums, and the Gathering of Teams experience for members and key company executives in February, we provide essential opportunities for networking, best practice sharing, and inspiration.

Evergreen Content: Tugboat Institute collaborates with members to research, develop, and share best practices, insights, and inspiration around Evergreen business, family, and self. Through Evergreen Journal articles, Tugboat Seminars, The Evergreen Experience™, whitepapers, and recorded audio/video presentations, members have access to an extensive library of print and digital Evergreen resources. Our content is intended to inspire and support leaders striving to be Evergreen.

Awareness: Evergreen companies are often under appreciated and misunderstood by potential employees, customers, partners, vendors, communities, and media. Tugboat Institute aspires to change that by shining a light on these important businesses, their practices, and the value they bring to society. Through the weekly Evergreen Journal newsletter, distributed publicly and posted to TugboatInstitute.com, and other public sharing of Evergreen content.

Membership Criteria