The Tugboat Institute Member Pledge

I am willing to help co-create the Institute and to advance the Evergreen movement. I look forward to being part of a safe haven for entrepreneurs and leaders devoted to building purpose-driven, profitable, impactful companies at scale that will make the world a better place. I pledge that I will be inclusive, supportive, transparent, curious, and non-judgmental with every member, and I will strive to give more than I take. I respect that confidentiality is essential to fostering trust and meaningful relationships. I look forward to convening and conversing with members and with a carefully curated extended network of Evergreen thought leaders and expert advisors. I will refrain from bringing up contentious political topics in such a way that could polarize other members. While we encourage Evergreen companies to work with Evergreen companies when viewed as mutually beneficial, I understand there is no general soliciting of the membership.