Evergreen companies are the most important companies in our society
today, and redefine success.

The intention of Evergreen businesses
is to adapt and grow profitably
for 100 years, and more.

The Purpose of an Evergreen business
is to make a long-term difference
in the world.

Success is not based upon financings,
or high-valued exits, but how well
they achieve their Purpose.

Purpose, Perseverance, People First, Private, Profit, Paced Growth,
and Pragmatic Innovation
these Evergreen 7Ps are our core values.

These values ensure Evergreen companies will positively impact their employees, customers, suppliers, communities, and most importantly, families.


Recruit & Retain Top Talent

Employees today want to work for companies that are purpose-driven, and believe that by taking care of one’s employ-
ees, they will take care of the business, customers, suppliers, owners, and families.

Attract Customers

Customers want to purchase products and services from Evergreen companies knowing that they can trust these companies will conti-
nue to offer improving products and
services, and be there for them and their employees for the long haul.

Signal Longevity
to Suppliers

Suppliers invest in their customers, and knowing that a growing, profitable
customer will be a long-term partner
is incredibly valuable.

Recognition as Community Pillars

Communities understand the
importance of companies that offer good
jobs and plan to be in their community
for the long haul. Companies that are exit-oriented are only temporary.

Access to Data & Best Practice

Through the process and resulting data, your certified company will gain insights
on how to be more Evergreen, and engage your team in building an even better, growing businesss for the long haul.

Positive Association

Your certified company is publically identified with other respected Certified Evergreen companies, and the good that Evergreen companies and their teams do in their communities and the world.


Any employee can champion Certified Evergreen in his or her company.

Our certification standards are based upon the Evergreen 7Ps, and involve submitting data, and a verification and interview process.



Explore what it means to be Certified Evergreen and see if you are a fit.



Complete the application and provide the data for your company’s assessment.



Review your information with one of our team members.



Receive your certification decision. Recertification is required every two years.

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