VIDEO: Creativity in Action: Using the Creative Process to Live a Life of Excellence

Murray Hidary, MindTravel

Murray Hidary began his career as a tech entrepreneur, before a personal tragedy redirected his focus back to music, a lifelong passion. His work using music to heal and improve his own mindset led him to found his current company, MindTravel. MindTravel invites listeners to immerse themselves in Murray's original piano compositions, either alone, with a group, or in nature, to learn to find peace in the moment and connect with the stillness and calm that help us see clearly, heal, and succeed.  

In this Tugboat Institute® talk, Murray shares his perspective on creativity, which he believes is not a gift granted to a lucky few, but rather lives in all of us. Following his short talk, Murray invites us to sit back and lose ourselves, for a short time, in music as he performs live on our stage.

Watch, listen, and be inspired to connect with your own creativity and to seek and find peace and clarity as a source of strength.

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