VIDEO: Economic Development Deals: Why Evergreen Companies Can Be Ideal Candidates

John Garrett, Community Impact Newspapers

Economic development groups exist in virtually every city, town, and community. Their aim is to improve, in any way they can, the quality of life and the opportunities for the local population. Attracting businesses that will bring positive change to their communities is one significant way they do this, yet businesses often overlook the opportunities this might open for them. 

In this short Tugboat Institute® talk, John shares some of the ways he has seen economic development teams work with businesses, including his own, Community Impact Newspapers. As Evergreen® businesses, Tugboat Institute members’ companies are especially strong candidates for the advantages available, because of their Purpose-driven, People-First focus; they consistently bring good into the communities they serve.

Watch and be inspired to look for opportunities in your own community, or in a community you are considering entering.

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