VIDEO: Evergreen Strategies to Scale through Organic Growth, New Industry Verticals, & Acquisitions

Dave Thrasher, Supportworks, Inc.

Tugboat Institute® member and President of Supportworks, Inc., Dave Thrasher grew up watching his father found and build a company. When it came time for him to step into leadership, Dave was ready to take what his father had built and scale it. In the end, he founded his own offshoot of his father’s Evergreen® company, which is run today by his brother Dan, and he started the work of scaling Suportworks, Inc., always with an eye to maintaining his core Evergreen values. 

In this Tugboat Institute talk, Dave shares his learning about the ways Evergreen companies can scale successfully. Many of them are the strategies used widely by companies of all types, but he has modified where necessary to ensure that as he scales, his growing company stays fully aligned with the Evergreen 7Ps® principles and the Evergreen mindset. He has had astounding success.

Watch and be inspired to explore new growth opportunities in an Evergreen way.

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