In Search of Excellence and Beyond

In Search of Excellence and Beyond

Tom Peters
Tom Peters Company
November 15, 2022

Tom Peters’ book, In Search of Excellence, stands as one of the seminal management books of all time. It had an enormous influence on Tugboat Institute® Founder and CEO Dave Whorton as a young man, as it did on so many others. Its foundation in People First aligns beautifully with the Evergreen® mindset, and offers great wisdom for the Evergreen leader.

In this Tugboat Institute talk, Tom engages in conversation with Dave Whorton and revisits the eight main points he detailed in his original book. Then they discuss some ways in which Tom’s thinking has evolved in the years since it was published. Still as relevant and Evergreen as ever, the takeaways from this rich conversation are numerous and valuable.

Watch and enjoy the wisdom and wit of this great leader and thinker.

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