100 Years of Innovation

100 Years of Innovation

Lisa Ingram
White Castle
August 16, 2022

White Castle is a century old company that is growing and thriving. Lisa Ingram, the fourth generation CEO of the company her great-grandfather founded, is proud of the moves they have made in recent years to innovate and stay relevant for future generations of Cravers. Lisa’s predecessors were innovative in their own ways, but product innovation has been a relatively recent trend at White Castle. Like everything at White Castle since the very beginning, it’s been driven by a mindset that is decidedly People First.

In this Tugboat Institute® talk, Lisa shares the history of innovation at White Castle and brings us up to the present day. Above all else, this Evergreen® company gets its best ideas by talking and listening to its devoted employees and customers.

Watch and be reminded that when they are cared for and honored, your employees and customers can be your best advocates and your best source of new, powerful ideas.

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