VIDEO: Battle for Growth

David Eichhorn, NISA Investment Advisors

In this talk from Tugboat Institute® Summit 2021, David Eichhorn, CEO of NISA Investment Advisors, examines the Paradox of Growth in business. As successful businesses mature, they grow, but at a certain point, the growth leads to a size which breeds complexity and then complexity kills growth. How can a CEO or Founder break this cycle?

David has spent considerable time and energy examining this paradox as it relates to his Evergreen® company. As a leader, he has found success in resolving it by implementing the Bain Micro-battles System®. He has managed to meet his goals for growth and reap the benefits of size without being derailed by growth-inflicted pain points that emerge as the organization becomes more complex.

Listen and learn how to make the size of your business an asset in innovation—not an anchor. 

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