Bouncing Back Better: Perseverance is my Superpower

Bouncing Back Better: Perseverance is my Superpower

Courtney McKee
Headframe Spirits
December 13, 2022

Tugboat Institute® member and Co-Founder, Co-Owner & CEO of Headframe Spirits, Courtney McKee has experienced a series of enormous challenges in her life, both personal and professional, but she has overcome them all. Her secret weapons are her resilience and her Perseverance, both of which are fueled by her strong sense of Purpose.

In this Tugboat Institute talk, Courtney shares some of the challenges she has faced and overcome and how her values of courage and community give her the strength to persevere, even in the most challenging of times. Her story is a wonderful example of the strength and power of Evergreen® values in action, and the heights to which they enable us to soar.

Watch and be inspired to double down on your values, and become unstoppable.

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