Building the First Mexican Luxury House

Building the First Mexican Luxury House

Arturo Lomeli
Clase Azul México
May 3, 2022

It’s true that Arturo Lomeli’s Evergreen® company, Clase Azul México, got its start making tequila, but they have grown into something much bigger. Their business, combined with their many projects and initiatives in México, all aim to share the magic of Mexican culture and improve the lives of those in their communities. 

In this talk from Tugboat Institute @Clase Azul in 2021, Arturo explains all the exciting ways Clase Azul has grown since its inception. In addition, he explains his thinking as they tackle their newest initiative–to build Clase Azul México into México’s first Luxury House. His plan is grounded in a deep understanding of the models and workings of the luxury industry, which have evolved over time. 

Watch and learn more about building a luxury brand, as well as the impressive initiatives of a committed People First company.

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