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Contributor Guidelines

Evergreen Journal’s mission is to be the publication of record for Evergreen entrepreneurs, a growing class of purpose-driven leaders with the grit and resourcefulness to build and scale private, profitable, enduring, and market-leading businesses. The content on Evergreen Journal explores the people, companies, and ideas that are driving the Evergreen movement to discover and share evergreen best practices.

Guest Contributions

We welcome contributions from the Evergreen community or leads on great Evergreen companies, people, and ideas to cover. Do you have an Evergreen company you’d like to tell us about or a story idea you’d like to share? Submit a company profile. Are you an Evergreen CEO interested in writing an opinion piece for Evergreen Journal? We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a note at editors@evergreenjournal.com.

We are interested in Guest Contributions that cover:

Company stories such as first-person or reported accounts of how Evergreen entrepreneurs have built their company

Best practices and actionable advice for Evergreen entrepreneurs

Opinion pieces or editorials that take a position on a topic relevant to the Evergreen community

Ideas that you think would be interesting to the Evergreen community

Reporting on news and events relevant to the Evergreen community

Letters to the editor

Comments and Letters

We do not publish anonymous comments on articles in favor of a “letter to the editor” policy. If you would like to submit a letter to the editor in response to a published article, please send an email to editors@evergreenjournal.com.

Letters Can:

Expand on or endorse a position an article takes

Provide counter points or alternative views

Correct perceived errors or dispute claims made in an article

We also welcome letters that are not for publication, but that provide us with guidance, feedback, corrections, or hold us accountable to the standards we set for ourselves. If your letter is NOT for publication, please indicate that clearly at the beginning of your email to editors@evergreenjournal.com.

Terms of Submissions

Contributors (including those providing original content, comments, and letters) to the Evergreen Journal must vouch for the veracity of their contributions and must properly source and do their best to ensure the accuracy of their data. Contributors must disclose any conflicts of interest in the subject area and should ensure that the copy is accurate and, wherever possible, independently verifiable. We also require that all content be original, unless disclosed otherwise, and that the author has the rights to publish it. If a contributor discovers an error after an article has been published, they must inform the editors of the Evergreen Journal promptly, so corrections can be made.

We will only publish articles that we believe are honest attempts to get at truth and will be useful for our readers, rather than pushing personal agendas. We welcome alternative views and critiques, but they must be civil, productive, and in the spirit of moving the conversation forward on topics of interest to Evergreen entrepreneurs. We will not consider any articles that contain personal attacks. A healthy skepticism is welcome, but cynicism is not. Insightful first person accounts are welcome, but raw boosterism or self-promotion are not.

Evergreen Journal is not a platform to market a particular company or product. Its purpose is to educate, inform, and guide leaders in the evergreen movement. Contributors may gain awareness for their company or product in the course of a contributed article, but that cannot be the primary message or value.

Above all, we value truth, and we anticipate that all contributors are doing their honest best to tell the truth, as they see it. Truth, whether hard or easy truth, is what’s important, not a selective airing of selling points. We encourage contributors to be authentic, share candidly, and show courage.

Your submission to the Evergreen Journal indicates that you understand and agree to these terms. We reserve the right to publish or not publish submitted contributions to the Evergreen Journal at our sole discretion.

If you have a question about our guidelines or would like to inquire about contributing to Evergreen Journal, drop us a note at editors@evergreenjournal.com.