Built on Values

Built on Values

Ann Rhoades
PeopleInk, Southwest Airlines, JetBlue
May 30, 2023

Ann Rhoades, has made her career at values-led organizations. She served as Chief People Officer at Southwest Airlines, then as Co-founder of JetBlue, and now PRES of People Ink. She is also the author of the recent book, Built on Values. Through all of this work, she has pioneered the shift in our modern perception of the role of Human Resources in a company, and the importance of people to any organization.

In this Tugboat Institute® talk, Ann shares her clear thinking about how great, values-led organizations function, the ways in which they put People First, and why this work is so central to their success.

Watch and be inspired to take care of your teams and stay committed to your values throughout your company.

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