Dear White Friend: What Can We Do Together About Race?

Dear White Friend: What Can We Do Together About Race?

Mel Gravely
TriVersity Construction
August 3, 2021

Mel Gravely, CEO of TriVersity Construction, built a successful Evergreen® business with the stated purpose of proving that his diverse and inclusive company can compete with the best in the industry. Mel let the work do the talking and admits to publicly sidestepping the topic of race— especially with his white friends and colleagues. 

However, in the wake of the civil unrest and waves of protests that erupted in 2020, Mel could no longer stand quiet. According to Mel, “People seem more interested in lobbing labels than talking, hearing, and working together to solve challenges.” 

The desire to open the lines of communication was the inspiration for this Tugboat Institute® talk. With heart and humor, Mel lays out a thought-provoking and judgment-free case on why every business leader should care about racial justice in their companies and their communities. Mel also goes beyond the boundaries of business to challenge all viewers to consider different perspectives on the rights gap experienced by blacks—with the goal of effecting meaningful change through healthy conversations.

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