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The Transformative Power of Why

Jeff Chungath

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Tom Rosztoczy speaking at Summit 18

Growth through Acquisitions—A Learning Journey

Tom Rosztoczy
Stotz Equipment

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When It Comes to Success, There Is No Checklist

Meghan Mackay
Zeta Charter Schools

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Growth is Not a Goal

Jack Hand
POWER Engineers

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It’s a Family Tradition

Bobby Jenkins
ABC Home & Commercial Services

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Peaks and Perseverance in an Evergreen Journey

Ron Scheese
Andesa Services

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Koffee with Kevin

Kevin Switick

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Introduction to Evergreen Principles

Dave Whorton
The Tugboat Group

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Pioneering a Leadership Team

Pamela Kan

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Under the Hood of the Remarkable Enterprise Holdings

Diana Price
Tugboat Institute

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Primacy of Purpose

Tim Heitmann
Double Good

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Each Challenge Has Been Essential

Brent Nussbaum
Nussbaum Transportation Services, Inc.

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Solving for Success

Stacey Orozco
Contra Costa Medical Career College

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Accelerating Gender Diversity

Carl Erickson
Atomic Object

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The Competitive Advantage of Evergreens

Josh Baron

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An Unexpected Gift of the Recession

Michael Spraggins
Spraggins, Inc.

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The Big Future of Small Town History

Amy Simmons
Amy's Ice Creams

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Our Purpose is Our People

Jeff Hanak
Nopa, Nopalito, and LihoLiho Yacht Club

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Creating a Happy Remote Workforce

Daniel Turner

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