Extraordinary Growth Through Partnership & Innovation

Extraordinary Growth Through Partnership & Innovation

Bryan Papé
April 19, 2022

When Bryan Papé founded MiiR, an Evergreen® company that makes and sells stainless steel drinkware, he had big ambitions. He aimed to create a company that would grow, be profitable, and make his community and the world a better place by giving back 3% of revenue. Over and over, people told him it couldn’t be done.

In the twelve years since, MiiR and Bryan have proven them all wrong. Through a commitment to innovation and generosity, MiiR has established partnerships with a wide array of companies to create innovative and popular products, and they have donated over $3 million to causes all over the planet. 

In this Tugboat Institute® talk, Bryan shares his experience founding and building MiiR, and the strategies that have allowed him to achieve remarkable success.

Watch and be inspired to tune the naysayers out and pursue your vision.

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