Debunking Growth Myths

Debunking Growth Myths

Dr. Gary Kunkle
Tugboat Institute
July 11, 2023

Before joining the team at Tugboat Institute®, Dr. Gary Kunkle spent many years consulting with companies, in the United States and abroad, on growth. Following a stint at KPMG and then as the leader of his own company in the Netherlands, Gary returned to the US to earn his PhD. He wanted to understand what truly drove company growth, since his experience had led him to believe the conventional wisdom had it wrong.

In this Tugboat Institute talk, Gary tackles several of the most pervasive myths around company growth – the factors that are most often trumpeted as the keys to successful growth but that have not, in his vast experience, proven to be true. His work is grounded in thorough and exhaustive data, and as he debunks each myth, he offers an alternative truth that can help get you on the path to sustained Paced Growth.

Watch and learn how to tweak your strategy to increase your chances of successful, long-term growth.

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