Helping Others & Enriching Lives: The Power of Vertical Integration

Helping Others & Enriching Lives: The Power of Vertical Integration

John McCullough
James Avery
October 11, 2022

James Avery is a revered and beloved institution in Texas. They have been crafting beautiful and meaningful jewelry for their customers and providing a supportive and engaging work environment for their employees since 1954. As they have grown, they have adhered closely to the Evergreen® values that the founder, James Avery, set as the company’s foundation. 

In this Tugboat Institute® talk, CEO John McCullough shares stories from the growth and evolution of this impressive company, as well as the benefits they are able to point to today that have come out of a gradual process of becoming nearly totally vertically integrated. While vertical integration is not without certain costs and limitations, it has allowed the company to be nimble in times of crisis and to gain a level of self-reliance that has protected them, to some degree, from market forces such as supply chain challenges and production shortages.

Watch and learn about the advantages vertical integration can give a company, particularly one that is deeply People First and committed to meeting customer needs in the best way possible.  

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