If It Ain’t Broke Yet, Fix It

If It Ain’t Broke Yet, Fix It

Kristi Tacony Humes
Tacony Corporation
May 31, 2022

When you step into your family company as CEO, there are certain advantages and certain challenges. Kristi Tacony Humes learned this first hand when she took the reins of Tacony Corporation as the 3rd generation leader of her family’s sewing and cleaning supplies company. Above all else, she learned the importance of being willing to question the status quo and fix things…before they are broken!

In this candid and insightful Tugboat Institute® talk, Kristi shares her experience and lessons learned from her experience as CEO of Tacony. In her Evergreen® company, Kristi had the mandate to keep the heart of the company the same, all while making the changes necessary to shape it into its current, modern form. 

Watch and learn more about the advantages and the challenges of being a leader of a family business.

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