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Creativity in This Time of Crisis

Creativity in This Time of Crisis

Phil Hansen
March 24, 2020

Artist Phil Hansen has presented at three Tugboat Institute events—first at our inaugural Tugboat Institute Summit in Sun Valley, Idaho in 2013 and, most recently, at the inaugural Gathering of Teams in Dallas in 2020. While Phil is an artist, his message of constraints driving creativity is an important message for all business leaders, but particularly in our current time.

As we all face new limitations imposed by the current health crisis and resulting economic shock, we thought Phil’s message would be an especially relevant reminder to, as he recommends, “seize the limitation.” When we can do that—change our beliefs about what’s possible—Phil notes, we can transform our lives and our businesses.

In his original 2013 TED talk, “Embrace the Shake,” Phil shares the story of his return to art after a health setback, and the revelation that not only could he still make art, what he had perceived as a personal limitation in fact drove an explosion of creativity, as he learned new ways to express himself within the constraints of his disability. We hope his message inspires you and your team to attempt new, creative approaches during these uncertain times.

Watch Phil’s TED Talk here.

Learn more about Phil Hansen here.

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