Leading the Customer Experience

Leading the Customer Experience

Brad Cleveland
Brad Cleveland Company, LLC
March 21, 2023

Tugboat Institute® member Brad Cleveland is a global expert in customer strategy and management. His recent book, Leading the Customer Experience, along with his LinkedIn Learning Courses and numerous articles, have been translated into a dozen languages. He is a sought after speaker and consultant worldwide.

When Brad was a young man, he had the opportunity to speak with W. Edwards Deming, who gave him a piece of profound advice: drive out the fear! Many years later, Brad has come to fully appreciate the role that fear can play in limiting performance and success in an organization. In this short Tugboat Institute talk, he reminds us how important it is to create a culture in our businesses where everyone – from the customer to the employee to the CEO – can operate free of fear.

Watch and be emboldened to help drive out the fear in your organization.


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