Great Leaps of Faith

Great Leaps of Faith

Oscar Gonzalez
Northgate Gonzalez Markets
November 14, 2023

Oscar Gonzalez is the youngest of 13 siblings. When he was very young, his father and a few of Oscar’s older brothers took the first step toward moving the entire family from Mexico to the United States. Through extraordinary perseverance, patience, and hard work, the entire Gonzalez clan eventually landed in Southern California, where the family business, Northgate Markets, was founded.

In this Tugboat Institute® talk, Oscar shares the story of his father’s dream and the steps, which took years to unfold, that made it a reality. Along with careful planning, dedicated hard work, and an entrepreneurial spirit, Oscar’s family succeeded thanks to their courage. Their deep, shared belief that their dream could become a reality gave them the faith they needed to take a few remarkable risks, or leaps of faith.

Watch and be inspired to take a risk for your dream, fueled by your own deep faith in its promise and possibility.

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