VIDEO: Lessons from People First Cultures

Dave Petersen, O.C. Tanner

What are the key characteristics and practices of companies that share space on the touted "best to work for" lists? How do you craft a culture to support and develop your team, sustain your company's growth, and make a difference in your community? How does a thriving business support inclusivity today?

In this talk from Tugboat Institute® Summit 2021, Dave Petersen, President and CEO of O.C. Tanner, shares his insights into these key questions. As the Evergreen® leader of a company dedicated to creating employee recognition and reward solutions that help cultures thrive, which is itself repeatedly recognized as a Best Companies to Work For®, Dave has unique insight into this topic. This presentation offers valuable wisdom around culture and the challenges today's leaders face as they consider how their companies can create a positive and lasting impact for their employees and the communities they serve. 

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