VIDEO: Mining For Astronauts: The Art of Optimizing Human Capital

Tom Bilyeu, Quest Nutrition

Early in his career, Tom Bilyeu helped build a successful technology company, Awareness Technologies. Despite its impressive growth—in 2010 Deloitte named it the 42nd fastest-growing company in North America—after eight years, he and his partners realized they were miserable. The reason? They were building wealth for wealth's sake. So they turned their attention to something they were all passionate about: health and nutrition.

Once they started down a purpose- and passion-driven path, they discovered that happiness and wealth aren't mutually exclusive. In his talk, the Quest Nutrition co-founder explains his rubric for hiring and the ways in which Evergreen entrepreneurs can cultivate a growth mindset for all of their employees. He also claims the ghetto is the greatest source of untapped human potential.

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