On Purpose

On Purpose

Dave Whorton
Tugboat Institute
June 14, 2022

Tugboat Institute® CEO Dave Whorton recently revisited the meaning of the first of the Evergreen 7Ps®: Purpose. His learning and thinking in recent years, and in particular through conversations with Tugboat members Penny Pennington of Edward Jones and Arturo Lomeli of Clase Azul, led him to conclude that it was time to revise our definition of Purpose.

In particular, in this Tugboat Institute talk, Dave reconsiders some of the teachings of economist Milton Friedman. Purpose must, he concludes, have Private as a partner in order to meaningfully and truly drive a company. Through this thoughtful and thorough reconsideration, Dave arrives at a revised definition of Purpose for Tugboat Institute and concludes, yet again, that the greatest calling for a company is to be an Evergreen® company.

Watch and understand how Purpose, along with Private, sit at the heart of the Evergreen movement.

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