VIDEO: Power of People-Driven Leadership

Erin Wade, Homeroom

The food industry is notoriously difficult with thin margins, disappearing trends and a constantly rotating employee base. But Erin Wade has found a way to use the industry to build opportunities not only for herself but also for others. As co-founder and CEO of Homeroom, her full-service mac-and-cheese restaurant, she is building a unique culture within her industry. As a savvy Evergreen entrepreneur, she is creating a highly profitable growth business to fulfill her own aspirations and fostering a culture her employees value. And, Homeroom’s profitability puts it in the top 5 percent of performers in the industry.

In her talk, Erin shares her experience in building the culture of incredible food and fairness to all employees regardless of their role through recruiting, education and transparency. She also explores the challenge of how to maintain all this goodness as she grows beyond her first location in Oakland.

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