Simple Tools

Simple Tools

Rich Ledbetter
Guarantee Electrical
July 5, 2022

Rich Ledbetter, COO of Guarantee Electrical, has had the good fortune to be guided through his career by several great thought leaders and inspiring people, starting with Muhammed Ali. He learned to take the best of each lesson and use them as building blocks for his own philosophy of leadership, which he has boiled down to what he calls his Simple Tools.

In this Tugboat Institute® talk, Rich shares the lessons gleaned from some of the people whose thinking has shaped his own the most, including Jim Collins, Simon Sinek, and Pat Lencioni. All three contributed significantly to Rich’s Evergreen® leadership philosophy. At the heart of the Simple Tools he has built from these building blocks is trust.

Watch and be inspired to consider your own sources of inspiration and the leadership tools in your own toolbox.

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