The Deming Philosophy and the Evergreen Mindset

The Deming Philosophy and the Evergreen Mindset

Kevin Cahill
The W. Edwards Deming Institute
March 7, 2023

W. Edwards Deming is universally recognized as one of the fathers of Total Quality Management. His groundbreaking work helped numerous Japanese companies, with whom he consulted in the period following WWII, improve their efficiency and performance and surge onto the world scene as formidable business competitors in the 1970s and 1980s. American companies caught on eventually, and the Deming Philosophy that he created, with its 14 principles, serves as a guide for a great many companies to this day.

In this Tugboat Institute® talk, W. Edwards Deming’s grandson, Kevin Cahill, shares his grandfather’s philosophy and some of its central tenets, which happen to align nicely with the Evergreen 7Ps® principles, in particular People First. Today, Kevin is the Executive Director of the Deming Institute and a champion for his grandfather’s important and highly relevant work.

Watch and learn about Deming’s work and the incredible People First insights that helped him advise some of the world’s largest companies on their way to becoming giants in their industries.

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