VIDEO: The Power Of Changing How We Think

Tom Rosztoczy , Stotz Equipment

When Tom Rosztoczy’s father, Ferenc, arrived in the US from Hungary in 1957 with a degree in chemistry and applied for a job as a chemist, he learned that without a degree from a US university, he would be paid less than the standard salary for the role. Presented with such a clear message about the value of a US education, Ferenc went on to earn a PhD from University of California before taking on the role of President at his father-in-law’s company, Stotz Equipment.

Today, Tom leads that same company, which includes Stotz Equipment, a John Deere dealership with 25 stores in eight western states, Stotz Dairy, and Stotz Farms. When Tom and his wife, Jill, considered how they could partner in a philanthropic effort to benefit their community, the value of a college degree—so central to the family’s story—shaped their mission.

Together, Tom and Jill founded The College Promise program, a partnership with local public schools, which has transformed the lives of students and families. In this talk from Tugboat Institute® Summit 2021, Tom shares the story of his and Jill’s effort and the life-changing results.

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