The Power Of Changing How We Think

The Power Of Changing How We Think

Tom Rosztoczy
Stotz Equipment
November 9, 2021

When Tom Rosztoczy’s father, Ferenc, arrived in the US from Hungary in 1957 with a degree in chemistry and applied for a job as a chemist, he learned that without a degree from a US university, he would be paid less than the standard salary for the role. Presented with such a clear message about the value of a US education, Ferenc went on to earn a PhD from University of California before taking on the role of President at his father-in-law’s company, Stotz Equipment.

Today, Tom leads that same company, which includes Stotz Equipment, a John Deere dealership with 25 stores in eight western states, Stotz Dairy, and Stotz Farms. When Tom and his wife, Jill, considered how they could partner in a philanthropic effort to benefit their community, the value of a college degree—so central to the family’s story—shaped their mission.

Together, Tom and Jill founded The College Promise program, a partnership with local public schools, which has transformed the lives of students and families. In this talk from Tugboat Institute® Summit 2021, Tom shares the story of his and Jill’s effort and the life-changing results.

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