VIDEO: VIDEO: Chasing After Joy and Eating It Up

Robyn Sue Fisher, Smitten Ice Cream

Robyn Sue Fisher’s story is one of Pragmatic Innovation and good old-fashioned invention. For Fisher, founder and Chief Brrrrista of Smitten Ice Cream, ice cream is all about experiencing joy in the present moment. It’s also all about serving customers a superior product free of unnecessary additives. A self-described “super nerd,” she set out to make fresh-to-order ice cream with only natural ingredients. With the help of a brilliant engineer, liquid nitrogen, her life savings and tremendous Perseverance, she invented a machine that made her vision possible and rolled out her first “store” on the back of a Radio Flyer wagon.

In her Tugboat Institute Summit 2016 talk, Fisher breaks down what matters most in building her Evergreen business: creating joy for employees and customers, and committing unwaveringly to being the best.

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