VIDEO: VIDEO: Don’t Throw Shade

John Garrett, Community Impact Newspaper

“ ‘Don’t throw shade’ is what the kids are saying these days,” says John Garrett, founder and CEO of Community Impact Newspaper. “Basically what that means is ‘Don’t rain on my parade.’ ” That’s the message he has for detractors who think he’s crazy for running a print news company in 2017.

Garrett says that like David facing Goliath, Community Impact Newspapers is up against modern-day media giants — not Cox or Hearst, but Facebook and Google. In the Bible, David, an expert slingshot marksman, selects five smooth stones to fell Goliath. In this entertaining video, Garrett describes his company’s armament — five values that bolster its courage in a difficult market — and outlines the open-book management process that motivates his staff.

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