VIDEO: Where Will You Find Your Next Great Hire?

Steven C. Preston, Goodwill Industries International

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated upheaval in the US and in the workforce, specifically, widening the opportunity gap and leading to job losses that have disproportionally affected low-income individuals, minorities, and women. At the same time, this period has seen the acceleration of automation and digital technologies, creating a need for millions to transition to new jobs.

In this talk from Tugboat Institute Summit 2021, Steven C. Preston, President and CEO of Goodwill Industries International, describes how Goodwill is working to close the opportunity gap by providing skills training, support resources, and career path mapping for people who may just be your next great hire. Steve notes, the time is now for Evergreen® leaders to open the aperture on talent and make a difference by seeking diverse, motivated employees whose lives can be transformed by the opportunity of fulfilling work.

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