VIDEO: Why Love and Leadership are Key to a Thriving Evergreen Company

Jeet Kumar, In Time Tec

Jeet Kumar had cause, throughout his childhood, to consider the keys to making it possible for a person to thrive. Above all else, people need to be shown love. As he built his successful Evergreen® company, In Time Tec, Jeet has become an impactful leader, largely through keeping love at the center of his leadership style. 

In this Tugboat Institute® talk, Jeet shares the beginning of his life’s journey, how he came to put love at the center of his thinking, and the different ways love can show up in a business. Although we are not accustomed to talking about love when we talk about business, Jeet argues that it is critical to effective and meaningful leadership. 

Watch and be inspired to infuse your leadership style with love. 

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