VIDEO: Work, Parenting and Choices (VIDEO)

David Surrenda, Leadership Edge

We have 168 hours each week. How will you spend them? The classic 40-hour-workweek schedule disappeared a long time ago, says David Surrenda, CEO of executive-level consulting firm The Leadership Edge. Senior executives typically work well beyond that, with most averaging 60-plus hours a week in the office. The problem can be especially acute for Evergreen CEOs who often must wear many hats. Factor in commuting time and late-night emails and these executives are creeping into what Surrenda calls the danger zone — they're burned out, depleted and ill-equipped to deal with the daily challenges of family life.

The good news, according to Surrenda: The skills that make you a great executive are the same skills that can make you a great parent. In his talk, Surrenda offers actionable tips for parents who want to make the most out of their time at home without sacrificing their business.

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