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How Anthropology Can Help Evergreen Executives

Roberta Katz
Stanford University

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How Our Biggest Crisis Brought Our Company Together Again

Jim Creel
Taco John's International, Inc.

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Why I Tell Students They Should Consider Family-Owned Businesses

Anne Smart
Director, Family Business Center, Quinlan School of Business

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What A Bankruptcy Taught Me About Perseverance

Christopher Miller
Rocking M Media

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Give Them Knowledge

John Williams
Central State Manufacturing

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How Paced Growth Keeps Us True to Our Brews

Wynne Odell
Odell Brewing Company

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How To Harness What I Call Ketchum Flow

Scott Carlin
Flow Media Partners

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Why We Lost the Game

Joe Jenkins
Jenkins Diesel

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The Future of Capitalism

Britnie Turner
Aerial Development Group

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My Father’s Unexpected Gift

Mike Abt
Abt Electronics

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Nurturing An Evergreen Business And An Evergreen Family

Carrie Van Winkle Greener
Pappy & Co.

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Don’t Throw Shade

John Garrett
Community Impact Newspaper

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Spikeball’s Accidental Community

Chris Ruder

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What Would You Tell Your 24 Year Old Self?

Tugboat Institute

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